I had reflexology before and after surgery on my neck. It was so beneficial to have the knowledge of what was happening in my body during that time. Because of the treatments, I managed the surgery well and healed quickly. I continue with treatments as it relieves the everyday stress my body encounters, and I fell more grounded and relaxed. When Kim touches my feet, I can feel the stress just melt away. Having Reiki by Kim is an amazing experience! She's so connected to source that I feel and experience all the love, warmth and healing of the Universe. I know the trauma I've been storing in my body since childhood will continue to move, and I will continue to become healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Cheryl Brown
Child Counsellor and Educator


 I met Kim almost a year ago and was drawn to her energy and vitality. When I found out she was doing Reiki I was excited as I had the pleasure of having Reiki treatments in the past. The Reiki experience with Kim is nothing short of heavenly. I Experience such a state of relaxation that I leave feeling rested, peaceful and centered. Thanks Kim for the beautifl gift of your energy healing. 
Elaine Shannon
Organizing Expert


 Kim is amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect from our meeting but after it was over, I couldn't wait to book another appointment. Kim has helped me learn about myself and how to relax. She "gets me", and helped me understand some stuff about myself. I couldn't figure out how she knew so much about me and we had just met! Reiki is amazing and so is Kim!! I keep asking my mother when I can Book another appointment. 
Madison Wright!
High School Student
For many years, I have suffered from Fibremyalgia. At the Chrysalis Wellness Centre Kim used Reiki on me and it was the only thingI tried that gave me some real relief, it eased the pain so I could manage it better and it decreased the stress and anxiety that chronic illness usually causes.
It's easy to see Kim's dedication to Holistic Healing and Wellness. Her knowledge and expertise are only surpassed by her compassion and commitment to helping you feel better in every way.
Sue Martin!
Dog Groomer