Laura Warren ~ Psychic Medium

Laura Byrnes is a psychic medium who has been working to connect people with passed on loved ones, spirit guides, angels and even pets for the past nine years. Laura offers private and group readings, aura balancing and cleansing, home and office cleansings, crystal attunement therapy, and her own energy infused jewelry line called Lola Designz. She has recently started her own business to include all the services she provides called Heartful Soul Healing.

Laura is a thoughtful and compassionate person who makes all people who are in her company feel at ease. She is able to connect with people on an energetic level and emanates the all-encompassing love of universal light. Her genuinity and true love for people shines for all to see. As spirit works through her she is able to allow people to heal. Laura’s passion for others well-being and an openness to spirit continues to excel her to new levels of helping and healing.

Phone: (902)-478-2202