Infrared Crystal Jade Bed


The gift of deep healing, warmth and peace for yourself or a loved one. Enhances all modalities of healing!

The Jade Mat facilitates integration and healing of Mind, Body and Spirit! The deep penetrating warmth signals healing in all aspects of Being. This Nobel Prize winning technology of the effect of infrared rays on cells was developed by NASA. You are a star, made of infrared light, come resonate in heated jade, at the vibrational balance of human chi and the heart chakra. This mat eases virtually all diseases... physical, mental and of spirit. You will feel amazing. Keep on shining! Love & Light!

Designed by highly skilled scientists, engineers and medical professionals, the Jade Infrared Mat is an excellent tool for health care practitioners, light workers, cosmeticians and veterinarians to assist with the wellness and comfort of those they treat. It is also excellent for personal use. The mat can be placed on a massage table, sofa, comfy chair, recliner, yoga mat, bed or office chair. It is a wonderful aid for the elderly, those suffering from depression, concentration problems or virtually any disease.

When using the mat, it is suggested that you place a towel or natural fibre cloth between you and the mat if you wish, for cleanliness and protection when using on sauna level or high heat. The healing effects are cumulative so the mat does not need to be on a high setting to be beneficial. When deciding the temperature, it may help to remember that 30C is a hot summer day. Also if using the mat at higher temperatures, do so for small amounts of time building up. When using the mat at sauna levels (30C to 70C) remember to stay hydrated and us the same precautions as you would in a sauna of that temperature.

The small EMF dial can be used to stop electromagnetic frequencies from coming through the mat. If EMF is present, the small light will come on and you can turn the dial to the right until the light goes out or just keep the dial turned all the way to the left is you wish. The EMF of the mat is very small. It is the same gauge as that of the earth. Never leave mat plugged in and turned on unattended.
Heated jade emits far infrared rays (FIR) that penetrate the body to benefit muscles on the surface as well as the cells, blood vessels, lymph glands, nerves and organs in deep parts of our body. FIR creates negative ions which benefit our body in four ways:

1. strengthen the functions of the autonomic nerves
2. reinforce collagen (tissue that are resilient and tension-related)
3. improve the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membrane (improves metabolism)
4. strengthen the body's immune system.

FIR assists with the function of cells, increases circulation, helps relieve neuralgia, arthritis, backache, eliminates carbon dioxide, toxins and performs an antibacterial function. FIR can be beneficial to those suffering mental, emotional or physical fatigue, pain, chronic pain and depression. The deep comfort provided by the Jade Infrared Mat has been known to assist with symptoms of hypertension, restless legs, diabetes, insomnia and gastro-intestinal discomfort. Harnessing the healing power of FIR from natural jade may provide amazing benefits as listed:

HEALING SLEEP - Gentle and deeply penetrating FIR soothes muscles, eases the nervous system and can promote relaxation and restful sleep. Jade resonates at the same peaceful vibration as the heart chakra and assists the mind in reaching a delta meditative state.

PAIN RELIEF - The gentle heat of the mat draws more blood into areas of congestion and pain enabling the body to respond and contribute greatly to support the healing mechanisms of the body.

DETOXIFICATION - Increased circulation, cellular nutrition and improved oxygenation with increased core body temperature from FIR promotes improved exchange of nutrients into cells and the discharge of toxins and metabolic wastes. Good for moving chemotherapy through the body faster.

DEEP RELAXATION - In minutes the mat deeply relaxes the body, assisting the mind to create a delta meditative state. Used at home or assisting others, restoration of energy and tension release is achieved. When the mind is at ease, the body begins to heal.

CIRCULATION - The entire system depends on the movement of blood and energy. Dilating blood vessels has been known to increase and strengthen circulation without causing stress on the system.
IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT - Profound healing effects take place when core body temperature rises. Hyperthermia increases the immune response of the body as core temperature rises, immune chemicals and self healing abilities of the body increase. Raising core body temperature allows the user the gift of a ripened harvest of one's own immune systems healing chemicals.

MOLECULAR MASSAGE - The body cannot heal in a tense state. Within minutes of laying on the mat muscle tension and stress melt away. All modalities of bodywork are significantly improved when used in conjunction with the Jade Infrared Mat.

ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD - The Jade infrared Mat creates FIR using electricity to generate heat but also eliminates the risks of a high EMF (electro magnetic field). The EMF emitted is in the same low gauge range as that of the earth.

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